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Top Benefits of Slim Rainwater Tanks

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As water and energy conservation continues to draw attention globally, more people are buying and installing rainwater tanks. When connected to a gutter system, rainwater tanks can store vast amounts of rainwater for domestic use. They reduce household utility costs and place less strain on the municipal council's water supply. However, many people are not familiar with slim tanks designed differently from the traditional round or square rainwater tanks. Here are the key benefits of slim rainwater tanks.

Ease of Maintenance

Even if you are not using stored rainwater for cooking and drinking, a tank needs to be clean and in good condition. Proper tank maintenance ensures extended service life; however, traditional tanks can be rather challenging to maintain and clean due to their shape. Thus, maintenance can take a bit of time and effort, depending on size. On the other hand, slim rainwater tanks are easy to maintain because of their small size and narrow profile. Moreover, the small outer surface area does not attract a lot of dust and dirt, meaning that you use less water to clean a slim rainwater tank.

Saves Space

Installing traditional rainwater tanks requires significant space requirements. Unfortunately, many property owners do not have that much space, especially people living in fast-growing suburbs. Therefore, rather than settle for a small traditional tank because of space constraints, you can buy a slim tank with a higher capacity. Slim tanks come in untraditional sizes and shapes, and most importantly, the attributes ensure that slim tanks fit snug on your property. Even if your house sits on a large piece of land, you can still install a slim rainwater tank and save enough space for something else. 

Unobtrusive Installation

Although saving space is arguably the main advantage of installing a slim rainwater tank, some property owners want the container to blend well with the hardscape for aesthetic value. When installed near a house, a round, black rainwater tank will stick out like a sore thumb. However, a slim rainwater tank is considered the perfect option for an urban home layout because of its subtle profile. For example, you can install a slim tank next to your house and not worry about your landscape's aesthetic being interfered with. Besides, the compact and sleek design means that slim rainwater tanks can be installed in tight spaces without obstructing movement or causing clutter. 

For more information, reach out to a local rainwater tank supplier.