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Top Tips When Looking For A Rubbish Removal Service

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Homes and offices generate tons of rubbish every year. Finding an experienced and reliable rubbish removal company can be a daunting process. Read this for a few tips on how to find a good rubbish removal company. 

Operating Area

Ideally, you should work with companies that are based within your locality. These companies will collect your rubbish at regular intervals. Besides, they will have a friendly pricing policy since they have other customers within your neighbourhood. Ask the company for an operating licence. Additionally, check customer reviews to know the quality of services you will receive.


Inquire about the company's specialisation. Most companies can handle household waste. However, you may need a specialised company if you intend to dispose of medical waste and hazardous items such as asbestos. Inquire where the company will dispose of your waste. For instance, medical waste should be incinerated or sterilised before disposal. On the other hand, asbestos should be put in approved packaging and buried in an appropriate landfill. 

Check the company capabilities if your home or business generates a lot of waste. For instance, hotels and event companies will require a rubbish removal company that can transport massive loads of rubbish every day.

Recycling Practices

How does the rubbish removal company dispose of your rubbish? Consider companies that separate organic waste from plastics and metals that can be recycled. It is a sure way to reduce the environmental impact of such materials.

Customer Service

The rubbish removal company should provide rubbish bags, skip bags or skip bins for you to dispose of your rubbish. Some rubbish removal companies will go the extra mile and ask you to separate organic waste from plastics and metals. Most companies will collect garbage once or twice a week. However, they will increase their frequency if you have a lot of waste. The company should clean up the area once they collect your rubbish.

You should also examine the company's terms. For instance, how much will they charge? Most rubbish removal companies have a standard charge for household waste. However, they will charge more for businesses and people that have industrial or medical waste. The company could ask you to take responsibility for their skip bins and bags. Check the company's liability policy. For instance, they should offer compensation if they damage property when loading and offloading skip bins. 

When choosing a rubbish removal company, check the company's operating area, specialisation, recycling practices and customer service.